My Reason Why (1)

My name is Tonya and I am known as @burnedbeauty2018. I am a severe burn survivor and thriver and recently started a charity named Burned Beauty, Inc. in hopes of providing support, products and services to other burn survivors as they transition into their “new normal”. Just as a sidebar, I really dislike that term,Continue reading “My Reason Why (1)”

I Feel Like I’m Dying (7)

I continue to lay in my bed at the Rehabilitation Center feeling terribly sick. With the staff thinking I was just trying to avoid having my challenging therapy sessions. My scalp itched terribly. I still couldn’t scratch it myself. It was torture on top of illness. I was scheduled for transport to the hospital thatContinue reading “I Feel Like I’m Dying (7)”

Hospital Recovery (5)

The burn unit is intense. Things move quickly. During the first week after awakening I was just allowed to recover and acclimate to my surroundings My catheters were removed. I’m not sure that’s what you call the one that handled #2. Yes, your bodily functions continue during your coma. When you first awaken you’re toldContinue reading “Hospital Recovery (5)”

Awakenings (4)

Something was changing in the darkness. There was light, but I wasn’t sure in which direction. My dreams started to brighten. It seemed that it was daylight and I believe it had been night for the two months prior. I was wearing shorts. Riding in a convertible. Hair up. Relaxed. I was being allowed toContinue reading “Awakenings (4)”

The Darkness (3)

It’s hard to describe the two months that followed. I only know now that’s how long the coma was. I have no conscious memories after getting in the ambulance, except briefly opening my eyes at the first hospital as I was being intubated. I saw the light and thought “stay away from that” and thenContinue reading “The Darkness (3)”