Self Love & Body Positivity – My Day Today – A sidebar

Today was one of the best days of my life.

I found my purpose. I found the thing I love so much that I’ll never work another day in my life!

I recorded a documentary. Yes, burned little me! It was a full work day to create 8 minutes of content for my episode of Shake My Beauty on the Truly Channel on YouTube! The best part about making a documentary is that all you have to do is be your genuine self. No problem!

My professional videographer arrived at my house promptly at 9:00 and we got to work. There was a list of certain shots that we needed to get and NONE were a problem.

I then began my meticulous makeup application as I do everyday for my daily Instagram posts, but today was bigger. It was my opportunity to be seen and heard. I was questioned as I worked. I did tremble a bit with excitement. Excitement that an hour earlier had been fear.

Everything went perfectly.

I applied my makeup as exactly as I had planned. We recorded that along with some scenes and interviews. I loved every second. We then took a trip to Lane Bryant for my first shopping trip since the accident. It was hands down the best shopping experience of my life.

I chose short sleeves that bare my grafted arms! I didn’t worry once about the size on the tag. I just tried on clothes and truly considered and appreciated each look without picking myself apart. I did it all without refusing to get a larger size if something didn’t fit. Without worrying about what others might think about me showing that skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I never cover my arms or chest to hide the skin grafts. I simply wear makeup and wigs because I love them both. They’re glamorous and that’s who I am! That’s what I enjoy.

As I’m lay in bed blogging, with my husband and pup sleeping soundly, I have realized that I enjoyed the freedom I felt today so much that I don’t want the day to end. But I’m exhausted. And I need to get up tomorrow and repeat everything except the fabulous professional recording and free shopping trip!

Life is good and God is good all the time.

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